Dijaj Ealaa Alfahm (Syrian Grilled Lemon Chicken & Baked Flatbread)

Dijaj Ealaa Alfahm (Syrian Grilled Lemon Chicken & Baked Flatbread)

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This BBQ dish is yet another way that Majed shares his love for BBQ with his Foodhini family! This time he's grilling his favorite lemon chicken, marinated in traditional Syrian spices such as cardamom, lemon juice, ginger, tomato sauce, and his own pepper sauce. Charred to perfection on the outside while maintaining its tenderness on the inside, Majed serves his chicken with baked flatbread, topped with grilled veggies and another heaping of his bell pepper sauce. Enjoy as a mini sandwich by wrapping some chicken in the flatbread. =)

Ingredients: Chicken thighs, tomato sauce, salt, mild pepper sauce, cardamom, vinegar, lemon juice, ground ginger, garlic

Allergy: Chicken, Gluten (Flatbread)

*Comes with 3 large chicken thighs*

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