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Taste the World Weekly Subscription

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Enjoy a special curated meal, crafted by our incredible chefs, delivered to you every week! 


Step 1: Choose your party size, your dietary preference, and the day you want your delivery each week
Step 2: Add to cart and confirm your delivery details
Step 3: Relax and we'll take care of the rest each week! 

You'll receive a curated family-style meal delivered to your doorstep each week, highlighting our newest additions and our most exciting combinations. Enjoy a delectable mix of each of our chef's creations. We are always adding new dishes and chefs, and you'll get to be the first to try it. 

You'll receive emails on Sundays with your week's order confirmation and what special menu will be headed your way. You can cancel, reschedule, or skip a meal at any time.


**TasteClub $0 Delivery Membership is not eligible for use on the Taste the World Weekly Subscription


ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: The quantity above is the number of orders you'd like to receive each week. If you're interested in doing a subscription for a set number of weeks, you can enter a quantity of 1 and email us at info@foodhini.com. We'll cancel your subscription after your requested number of weeks.

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