Iranian Cuisine Adas Polo (Savory Sweet Basmati Rice with Green Lentils) - Foodhini

Adas Polo (Savory Sweet Basmati Rice with Green Lentils)

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An Iranian specialty, this vegetarian dish is made of fluffy basmati rice, green lentils, barberry, raisins and chopped almonds giving you a perfect blend of sweet-savory flavors, that are full of texture. Seasoned with traditional Persian spices, it makes for a great side dish to any other of Chef Mina's dishes or can stand alone as its own hearty meal. It's accompanied with a side of cucumber salad.

Ingredients: Basmati rice, green lentils, onions, raisins, salt, butter, cucumbers, almonds

Allergy: Dairy (butter), nuts (almonds)

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