Featuring Local Immigrant-Run Food Producers & Restaurants

One of the hardest hit communities by COVID-19 has been independent restaurants & food producers. With Shelter in Place requirements, many food businesses are now operating on limited hours and staff, or closing entirely as the loss in sales are almost impossible to overcome. Many of these businesses are owned and operated by immigrants who have dedicated their lives to creating delicious foods that are inspired by their heritage and cultural cuisines. In addition, many workers in the industry come from immigrant communities that put in long hours every day to support their families. 
Our mission to support immigrant & refugee communities continues to guide us through this difficult time. Our online community of Foodhini Supporters has been incredible and your patronage has been so critical for us. As we've reflected on this, we wanted to try and create a new way to share the foods and products of immigrant-run food producers with our Foodhini Supporters, hopeful in creating a new way for these local immigrant-run businesses to meet new customers and provide a new revenue stream to help support their teams. 
We're excited to share with you the Foodhini Marketplace, a one-stop-shop to order food items from these producers and have it delivered to your home.

How Does it Work:

Step 1: Add any of these items to your existing Foodhini meal delivery order, or you can order these on their own as well.
Step 2: Go to the Cart, select your delivery date and time, and follow the payment and delivery sections as you normally would.
Step 3: Sit back and let us take it from there.


**More Local Immigrant-Run Food Producers & Restaurants will be Added Soon so Stay Tuned!**

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