Eritrean & Ethiopian Cuisine Ayni Atar (Yellow Split Peas Stew) with Injera Bread - Foodhini

Ayni Atar (Yellow Split Peas Stew) with Injera Bread

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This vegetarian dish is rich in nutrients and is the perfect comfort food on a relaxing day. Chef Yebralem lets the split yellow peas simmer at low heat for a long time. She uses this technique to bring out the aromatic and earthy flavors in this powerful ingredient. Split yellow peas are part of the same family as lentils and beans and abundant in dietary fiber, protein, and vitamin B. When dried, they split on their own and reveal spherical healthy goodness! Take an ample piece of injera bread, wrap it around the Ayni Atar, and enjoy in one bite. The hints of basil, garlic, barberry with tomato and onions add the creaminess you've been craving. 

Ingredients: Yellow Split Peas, Italian Basil, Yellow Onions, Garlic, Berbere (Spice), Rosemary, Black Cumin, Oil, Tomato, Jalapeño, Injera Bread

Allergens: Gluten (Injera Bread) 

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