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Vegan Tofu & Pumpkin Curry with Jasmine Rice

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Inspired from Chef Mam's original chicken curry, she's happy to introduce her vegan recipe. Building upon a traditional Southeast Asian dish, Chef Mam infuses seasonal flavors with Kabocha squash/pumpkin, adding to the savory and sweet sauce made with slightly sweet coconut milk and her homemade curry. With tender slices of lightly sautéed tofu, this warm and aromatic dish will fill you up and warm your soul. Chef Mam can make it mild, extra spicy, or anything in between, so let us know what spice level you'd like =).

Ingredients: Tofu, basil leaves, kabocha pumpkin/squash, coconut milk, onion, green bell peppers, red bell peppers, lime leaves, red curry paste, shallots, garlic, salt, palm sugar, jasmine rice

 Allergies: na

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