Eritrean & Ethiopian Cuisine Zucchini & Carrot Kelewa (Sauteed Vegetable Cakes) - Foodhini

Zucchini & Carrot Kelewa (Sauteed Vegetable Cakes)

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Just in time for autumn, this dish is full of fall flavors. Chef Yebralem uses fresh carrots and zucchini and thinly chops them in a savory curry powder. She gently makes individual circular patties before lightly frying them on a hot skillet. Chef Yebralem enjoys eating this dish nice and hot and it's great to serve as an appetizer at your holiday party as each bite is delectably crisp and spicy. 

Ingredients: Carrot, Green Zucchini, All Purpose Flour, Turmeric, Eggs, Black Pepper, Salt, Canola Oil

Allergies: Gluten, Eggs

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