Ivorian Cuisine Choux de Bruxelles aux Amandes (Almond Brussels Sprouts & Mustard Cream Sauce) - Foodhini

Choux de Bruxelles aux Amandes (Almond Brussels Sprouts & Mustard Cream Sauce)

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Just in time for the warm summer days, this delightful dish from Chef Veronique is a must-try. Veronique first seasons and delicately blanches freshly chopped brussels sprouts, creating just the right amount of tenderness. Finely diced garlic and sliced red onions are then added to elevate the savory flavors of the dish. As a final touch, sliced almonds and fresh orange zest are sprinkled on top to provide a crunchy and citrusy flavor. Last but not least, the dish is served with Veronique's special homemade mustard cream dipping sauce. It's light and fluffy and the perfect level of creaminess to bring about happiness to all five of your senses.

Ingrédients: Brussel Sprouts, Butter, Sliced Almond, Orange Zest, Red Onions, Garlic, Salt, Black Pepper, Herbs de Provence, Heavy Cream, Yellow Mustard

Allergens: Almond Nuts, Dairy, Mustard

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