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Chicken & Thai Basil Spring Rolls

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Chef Mam's new spin on traditional spring rolls dish will put a smile on your face. She first stir-frys a savory mix of chicken breast, diced carrots, mushrooms, and onions. The stir fry is then wrapped in rice paper with fresh romaine lettuce. The fun doesn't stop there, as she then introduces you to her homemade thai basil dipping sauce. A blend of Thai basil, soy sauce, veggies, and chili peppers, the flavor is refreshing with a hint of spice, creating the perfect Lao style sauce. We're so excited for you to try it!

Ingredients: Chicken breast, rice paper, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, carrots, yellow onions, canola oil, garlic, oyster sauce, fish sauce, salt. (Basil Dipping Sauce)- Thai Basil, yellow onions, canola oil, sugar, soy sauce, garlic, green chili peppers, salt, vinegar

Allergy: Chicken, Soy, Soybean (Oyster Sauce), Gluten (Oyster & Soy Sauce), Fish (Fish Sauce)

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