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Lao Meatballs with Sticky Rice & Jeow Mak Len Sauce

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Chef Mam brings you this popular dish straight from Laos. She creates the perfect jumbo meatball with her homemade blend of ground beef, lime leaves, red onions, garlic and chili powder. She then carefully grills the meatballs leaving you with just the right amount of tenderness. The meatballs provide a slightly savory and fresh taste with the tasty herbs mixed in. Of course Mam serves up some amazing Jeow Mak Len, a tomato based sauce on the side. If you haven't tried Jeow Mak Len yet, it's a must try as many households in Laos enjoy this savory and spicy sauce on a daily basis. It's perfect for dipping the meatballs and sticky rice.

Ingredients: Ground beef, red onions, lemongrass, garlic, fish sauce, green onions, dill, lime leaves, salt, sugar, chili powder, Jeow Mak Len Sauce - tomatoes, salt, shallots, garlic, chili pepper, green onions, fish sauce, cilantro

Allergy: Beef, Fish

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