Sakhoo Yat Sai (Lao Tapioca Dumplings with Turkey)

Sakhoo Yat Sai (Lao Tapioca Dumplings with Turkey)

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We're excited to share with you this unique and delicious dish from Chef Mem. Hand rolled with precision, it's an art Mem learned from years of making them for her family and friends for holidays and gatherings. The texture is light and tender, handmade one by one, and prepared in a large steamer. The outer layer is constructed of mini tapioca pearls, steamed to the perfect softness, while the inside is a savory and tasty mix of ground turkey, crushed peanuts, shallots, and sweet radish. We think you'll be delighted by this dish.


Ingredients: Mini Tapioca pearls, ground turkey, peanuts, cilantro, shallots, black pepper, sugar, canola oil, salt, sweet radish, palm sugar, garlic

Allergy: Turkey, peanuts

*Comes with 10 delicious dumplings

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