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Through a collective effort, we have started WELCOME MEALS for newly arrived families. 

In this pivotal time when we welcome thousands of new Afghan families to the United States, we are building upon our mission by partnering with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), and the Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) to help in the way we know best, through the sharing of food and community. 

A Welcome Meal is an affordable high-quality Afghan-style 3 dish meal, that is halal-friendly. Each meal is homemade by Chef Zainab, our Chef Team Member from Afghanistan, to ensure families have a welcoming and familiar meal for their arrival in their new home. A single meal feeds one person.

We encourage you to support this effort by purchasing Welcome Meals for newly arrived families. You can purchase a single meal or multiple meals for an entire family. All meals will go DIRECTLY to a newly arrived Afghan family.

Each week, our partner organizations will pick up new families and bring them to their new homes. These organizations help new families settle in, providing a place to live, furniture, and household goods. One of the essential things provided to families is a familiar meal when they first arrive.

Step 1) You can purchase a Welcome Meal from anywhere in the United States. You can purchase meals on their own, or you can also add them to your existing dinner delivery order.
Step 2) All Welcome Meals you purchase will go directly to a newly arrived Afghan family in the local DC, MD, VA area.
Step 3) Welcome Meals will be distributed weekly to new families.
Step 4) You will be notified of the recipient family and when your meal has been delivered.
Step 5) Foodhini will ensure each family receives multiple meals for their entire family. 

We hope these meals will have all the flavors of home, while also represent the hopes in new beginnings. With Welcome Meals, we can welcome Afghan families into our community and let them know, "this is your home too."

To learn more about Afghan families and their journeys, you can find their stories here. We also understand not everyone is in a position to make a financial gesture. There are many other ways you can help support these efforts. If you would like to learn more, both the IRC and ECDC provide more ways to get involved. 

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