Join us in our mission of using delicious food to build bridges across different cultures & communities!

Come join our team!

We are committed to producing the most authentic meals with authentic ingredients! Come build upon your developed culinary skills as a prep cook or chef. Whatever your talent may be, we are devoted to providing meaningful and impactful work for all of our employees.

We are always hiring talented chefs and prep cooks. For more information, email


Core Values

We love candidates who:

  • Believe and lives the mission of Foodhini
  • Are open to changes and being flexible in the workplace as Foodhini is a fast changing business environment.
  • Are a team player and have a core willingness to learn from and support others
  • Comfortable taking direction and supporting others
  • Positive attitude
  • Comfortable working in a fast paced and changing workplace environment
  • Professional in communicating your needs in the workplace, and receiving and providing feedback from/to all members of team Foodhini
  • Patience in communicating across different cultures and languages
  • Willing to work through tough problems and make difficult decisions
  • Loves Food



Come join us in a fun and exciting startup where you can develop your interests and skills in business, marketing, operations, and sales! Plus, you'll get first access to trying our brand new dishes from around the world!

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