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Aushak (Afghan Baby Leek Dumplings with Split Pea Yogurt Sauce)

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Introducing Chef Zainab’s Aushak Dish! These delicious bites are filled to the brim with a wonderful variety of veggies. Aushak is an Afghan pasta dumpling typically filled with chives and tomato sauce. This handcrafted dish requires time & patience during preparation, and is often reserved for holidays or special occasions. Zainab puts her own personal twist to the dish, creating something that is truly special and delicious. The base of her aushak is made up of tender baby leeks, but Zainab also adds yellow split peas, onions, garlic, cilantro, and mint. The stuffing is then placed inside a wonton-style wrapper, the edges are gently folded shut, and these delightful dumplings are then steamed to perfection. Once cooked, Zainab tops the aushak with her homemade savory yogurt topping. The dumplings are both fresh and filling, while the yogurt is smooth and savory. Enjoy the aushak as an appetizer or a meal!

Ingredients: Yellow onions, yellow split peas, garlic, tomatoes, baby leeks, canola oil blend, circular wonton-style wrappers (gluten), salt, cilantro, dried mint, yogurt

Allergens: Gluten, dairy (yogurt on side)


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