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Berbere Fried Chicken

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Ingredients: Chicken Breast, Berbere Spice, Mitmita Spice, Bread Crumbs, Broccoli, Potatoes, Eggs, Salt

Allergy: Meat (Chicken), Gluten (Bread Crumbs), Dairy (Eggs) 

Are you enjoying the beaming sunshine and cool breeze? We have the perfect comfort food made by Chef Yebralem to pair with this stunning weather! This fried chicken is infused with popular Ethiopian spices called berbere and mitmita. Both spices are rich with chili peppers and ginger and known to be key ingredients in Ethiopian cuisine. These spices may not be well known in our region, but it is beneficial for healthy skin and increasing energy levels. Each piece is dipped in whipped eggs and rolled in bread crumbs before being fried to a crisp finish. There is also a tomato sauce included on the side for a tangy touch. We recommend taking bites of broccoli and potato wedges in between to create a summer party in your mouth! 

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