Chicken Adobo with Jasmine Rice

Chicken Adobo with Jasmine Rice

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One of the most well known Filipino dishes, this dish of one of Chef Wing's specialties. His recipe introduces you to super creamy and tender cuts of chicken breast with a hint of sweetness as it's marinated in brown sugar, coconut vinegar, and soy sauce. Enjoy the fresh cut chunks of potatoes slow cooked and marinaded with the sweet and savory sauce as well. Served a side of fluffy jasmine rice, you'll be happy and full before you know it.

Ingredients: Chicken breast, yellow onions, garlic, soy sauce, coconut vinegar, brown sugar, black pepper, potatoes, chicken bones (for marinade), olive oil, jasmine rice

Allergy: Chicken, Soy, Gluten (Soy Sauce)




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