Ivorian Cuisine Haricot Rouge au Couscous en Perles (Seasoned Kidney Beans & Corn with Couscous) - Foodhini

Haricot Rouge au Couscous en Perles (Seasoned Kidney Beans & Corn with Couscous)

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Haricot Rouge, which literally translates to "red bean," is more commonly known as the kidney bean. Chef Veronique's Haricot Rouge dish combines foods and styles from around the world. Kidney beans originate from Peru, while couscous comes from the Maghreb. Additionally, Côte d'Ivoire has a French culinary influence. Altogether, Chef Veronique's Haricot Rouge is a stunning dish that encapsulates the beauty of food culture fusion, where Chef Veronique utilizes aromatics like garlic and red onion to season the dish, as well as tomatoes to provide some brightness, and cayenne and cumin for spice. Hearty, spiced, and savory, this dish is both filling and delicious. 

Full Ingredients: Couscous, kidney beans, corn, tomatoes, garlic, veg bouillon, red onion, olive oil, butter, tomato paste, cayenne pepper, ground cumin, salt, black pepper

Allergens: Gluten (Couscous, Veg Bouillon), Soy (Veg Bouillon), Butter (Couscous)

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