Afghan Cuisine Afghan Koofteh (Tender Spiced Meatballs) with Basmati Rice - Foodhini

Afghan Koofteh (Tender Spiced Meatballs) with Basmati Rice

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Introducing Chef Zainab’s delicious Koofteh! This dish is popular throughout the region, but Chef Zainab gives it her own, personal twist. Zainab takes ground beef and mixes it with her own specialty blend of herbs and aromatics. She kneads in onions and garlic, as well as cilantro, coriander, and jalapeno to give the meatballs their amazing, spiced flavor. After the meatballs are seasoned, Zainab cooks them in a saucepan with her homemade tomato sauce. The meatballs are carefully slow-cooked, and once done, they are served alongside fluffy seasoned basmati rice. This dish is like a party in your mouth. The spiced and savory meatballs pair perfectly with the tangy sweetness from the tomato sauce. Take a piece of the meatball with some rice and enjoy all the amazing textures and flavors in one delicious bite.

Full Ingredients - Ground Beef, Basmati Rice, Yellow Onions, Black Pepper, Salt, Garlic, Cilantro, Coriander Seeds, Jalapeno, Tomatoes

Allergens: Beef

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