Red Coconut Curry Beef w/ Turmeric Rice

Red Coconut Curry Beef w/ Turmeric Rice

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This red coconut curry dish is inspired by Chef Dorjee's time in Majnukatilla, a Tibetan settlement in New Delhi along the banks of the Yamuna river where water buffalo wade in the river. The sweetness of the onions and the salty crunch of the aloo bhujia (fried potato sticks with peanuts and spices) remind Chef Dorjee of snacking while waiting for the evening bus in Delhi. The red curry beef adds a hint of spicy flavor as it lays over the fluffy and savory basmati rice. With a side of ginger-tamari shanghai bok choy, we bet you'll be coming back for seconds. =)

Ingredients: Red curry, beef, onions, peanut aloo bhujia (fried spiced peanuts and potato sticks), ginger-tamari shanghai bok choy, turmeric, basmati rice

Allergy: Peanuts



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